Monday, January 23, 2006


Metal-Sludge did a feature a few months back on new bands that were bringing back the glam metal look and sound. One of those bands was Crashdiet from Sweden who had recently scored a US record deal with Universal. There was even talk that the band was going to perform at this years South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March. Glam metal is my weakness and I was pretty excited to learn that it's making a comeback AND that I'd have a chance to catch one of the up-and-coming bands on the new scene.

Unfortunately, I won't have the chance to ever see Crashdiet live as reported last week that frontman Dave Lepard was found dead in his apartment on January 20. No foul play is expected (in other words: it was probably an overdose) and the band quickly announced that they will not go on with a new singer.

Because of Lepard's death, I'm not sure if Crashdiet's latest album, Rest in Sleaze, will ever get released in the U.S. I'd definitely recommend tracking down an import copy if you're into late '80s hair metal (ie Motley Crue, Poison, Whitesnake).

MP3: Riot in Everyone


Jeff Blanks said...

Just thought you ought to know--the members of Crashdiet have announced that they will continue, but under a different name and likely with a new repertoire. They just felt that without Dave it wouldn't feel right to call it Crashdiet anymore. So there's still hope, especially because they know they've got really devoted fans out there, if their online forum is any indication.

Really, there's a good deal more where they came from, but they do seem to be the only band doing the right-down-the-line Sunset Strip thing.

Now the bad news: It's likely that Dave hanged himself--at least reports of such haven't been denied. All indications are that he was practically Kurt Cobain in Spandex; I read a review of what I believe was their last show where they ended with "Territorial Pissings".