Sunday, January 29, 2006

In My Ear - January 29

I first met David Cobb after his former college roommate, Mike Willison (Fig Dish/Caviar), passed me his e-mail address. David had started something called "In My Ear" which was a weekly e-mail that he sent out on Monday mornings to about 30 people listing the music he had listened to the week before along with links to websites of these bands. He asked people on the list to hit "Reply All" and list out the music they had been listening to so it wasn't unusual to get maybe 8 or so lists from other people on the "In My Ear" e-mail list.

I guess it depends on how big of a music geek you are as to whether or not you do anything with these lists. If a name pops up that I'm not familiar with - and the person has a bunch of stuff on their list that I like - I'll do some research. This is how I first heard Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings. I like to think that people read my list every week and click on a few links to learn more about bands that I listen to - I think my list often contains some pretty obscure bands based on what everybody else is listening to.

So, I decided to take my involvement in the "In My Ear" list one step further - by recording a podcast featuring music that I had been listening to the previous week. In leiu of posting links to any MP3s today, I offer up a link to my debut "In My Ear" podcast.

MP3: "In My Ear" Podcast #1, January 29, 2006

The first Podcast features music from Clearlake, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Fightstar, Alta May, Vespin, and Warrant. Most of this stuff isn't new, maybe you've heard it before, but it's stuff that I've been listening to a lot over the past week.


Cameron Deyhle said...

In my Ear. Huh, this sounds pretty interesting. research must be done. Thanks for the postings.