Tuesday, April 04, 2006

In My Ear Podcast #6

00:00 Miranda Sound – Jackson Milton from Western Reserve
03:13 Silversun Pickups – Kissing Familes from Pikul (EP)
08:00 The Flairz – Black Fox from Rock N' Roll Ain't Evil
11:13 New London Fire – Different from A Wave Form (EP)
15:34 Gil Mantera's Party Dream – Shadow Grip from Bloodsongs
21:05 Branks – Gingham Hammer from Self-Titled
24:21 Barzin – Just More Drugs from My Life in Rooms

MP3: Download "In My Ear Podcast - Episode 6"


Chris said...

I liked this one as much as I did #5..thanks Chip.

Jett Superior said...

Holy crap, you have more presence on the interwebnet than....well, anybody, really.

Anonymous said...

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