Friday, December 01, 2006

High Blood Pressure

So my posts here won't always be about music. Yesterday I had a doctor appointment - a mole on my stomach changed color which is sometimes a warning sign. Better be safe than sorry, right? My appointment was at 4pm though as we all know, that means that you'll have to sit in the waiting room for an extended period of time. Sure enough, I checked in at 4:08 and wound up sitting in the waiting room for a good 40 minutes before I was called back. There is a TV in the waiting room and it was tuned into CNN Headline News. Not a terrible thing, it gave me the chance to get caught up on things that had taken place while I was at work but at some point one of the receptionists changed the channel to that new combo network (UPN and WB). I was forced to sit through an episode and a half of Reba. I know that probably 75% of sitcoms aren't funny but, man, it was PAINFUL to sit through this show. I didn't even so much as chuckle. Bad, bad, bad. Who lets shows like this get on the air?

Finally, about 10 til 5 I was called back to the waiting room where I preceeded to sit for 20 minutes until the doctor came in. His examination of my mole took all of 30 seconds and he declared that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. He looked at my chart and noticed that my blood pressure was just a tad bit high but he said, "I'm sure it's because you were nervous about coming in." Um, maybe it's because I had to sit through an episode and a half of Reba. Ever think about that? Yeah, that might throw my blood pressure a bit out of whack!


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