Friday, December 08, 2006

Warrant live (Dec.7)

Not sold-out like the last time they were here but still a really good turnout. I'd say the place was 75% full which means there were easily a couple hundred people on a cold Thursday night.

This is my third time seeing the Warrant lineup with The Saint (Jamie St. James) on lead vocals and I'm finally starting to get used to seeing him front Warrant. I'd KILL to see Jani Lane back in the band but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon so I'll take what I can get.

A good set list, all my favorites were present and accounted for ("Down Boys" "Mr.Rainmaker" "Hole in My Wall" "Bourbon County Line"). All the "hits" were played ("Heaven" "Uncle Tom's Cabin" "Cherry Pie). Boobs were flashed, heads were banged, all-in-all a fine evening of entertainment though I didn't get the chance to hang with Joey Allen this time like I did last time.

There was some obnoxious asshole standing in front of me for a good portion of the show who kept waving a t-shirt in Erik Turner's face. At one point he got mad - not sure what set him off - and threw his shirt on the stage and took off. His girlfriend/wife was able to coax him back but he still acted like a complete ass much to the dismay of everybody standing around him.

Also saw the aftermath of one of the older gentlemen who works at the club get knocked over the head with something. I saw these female bartenders pushing these guys out the door and the guy who got his head cracked was PISSED. And, a little later on, I saw this totally hammered dude stumbling around the place. He could barely stand up. I hope somebody called him a cab.