Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Elliott Smith + covers

It seems a bit too easy to toss up Elliott Smith MP3s and covers as there are dozens and dozens of both floating around cyberspace. But while the folks that put together the forthcoming To Elliott, From Portland compilation CD - featuring Smith covers by the likes of The Decemberists, The Thermals, and Eric Matthews - did a great job of finding artists to pay tribute to the dearly departed songwriter, they obviously couldn't track down everybody that may have been interested in contributing. Witness the under-the-radar tribute CD that came out in early 2005, A Tribute to Elliott Smith and the home recordings Tiara frontman Eric Rottmayer recorded under his solo artist alias Eric Metronome.

You can download 16 Elliott Smith covers that Rottmayer/Metronome did on his website. For a sample of what you'll find, check out Metronome's cover of "King's Crossing" along with To Live & Die in L.A.'s version from To Elliott, From Portland and a live version performed by Smith himself on February 1, 2003 at the Henry Fonda Theater in L.A.

King's Crossing - Eric Metronome
King's Crossing - To Live & Die in L.A.
King's Crossing - Elliott Smith (live, 2/1/03)


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