Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hood remix

If you've seen my "Best of 2005" - and you haven't ... yet ... unless you read it here (mine is the last list on the page) - you'll see that I picked Hood's Outside Closer as my favorite release. Might as well quote myself:
After an early career spent emulating lo-fi rock icons like Pavement, Hood reinvented itself by engaging in experimental rock using a menagerie of instruments to evoke comparisons to Radiohead. On Hood's 2001 release, Cold House, the English band collaborated with the hip-hop collective cLOUDDEAD, and that influence carried over to Outside Closer. While still incorporating hip-hop beats into their folktronica sound, Hood increases the use of samples, glitches, strings and horns on outstanding tracks such as "The Negatives" and "The Lost You." If you find anything Radiohead did after OK Computer to be too challenging, Hood's Outside Closer is a nice alternative.
Obviously, I suggest tracking down a copy of this CD, particularly if you're a fan of Radiohead, Notwist, Bark Psychosis, or even CocoRosie.

On the Hood message board (found on their website) I found a link to a remix the band did for Pulse Programming's "Blooms Eventually" from Tulsa for One Second Remix Project. Here is what XLR8R says about remix album.

Originating in Portland, OR, Pulsepregramming is largely the production work of Joel Kriske and Marc Hellner, whose IDM-centered sound base has won the duo comparisons to Black Dog, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Tulsa For One Second Remix Project, their latest release, is what its title suggests: a reworking of their last album by friends and label cohorts. Hood, Nudge, Barbara Morgenstern and Ghislain Poirier all make appearances on this disc, which is definitely worth picking up and succeeds in the sometimes shaky territory of remix albums.

MP3: Blooms Eventually - Hood remix


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