Saturday, February 25, 2006


Jolie Lindholm met Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba in a college math class. When the former Further Seems Forever singer decided to record a solo album, he asked Jolie to provide some background vocals. You’d think this would have boosted Jolie’s career but, unfortunately, her band The Rocking Horse Winner never took off the way that I expected they would.

The Rocking Horse Winner put out two records, played some dates on the Warped Tour, and then quietly broke up.

Surfing around MySpace, I looked up Jolie Lindholm, to see what she has been up to since RHW’s breakup and to my surprise actually discovered that she is singing with a new project (um, NOT project, new BAND) called Popvert.

The voice (beautiful) is still the same but the music style is a tad bit different – Popvert has more of a new wave pop feel than RHW, very fitting considering the musical world we live in in 2006.

A Popvert EP, Drive Thru Happiness, is available through CDBaby.

MP3: Subculture (New Order cover)
MP3: Grey (new demo)
MP3: The Big Show (from Drive Thru Happiness)
MP3: Tahiti Girl (from Drive Thru Happiness)


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