Monday, August 07, 2006

Free Diamonds

I'm reviewing the Free Diamonds CD, There Should Be More Dancing, for the next issue of Skratch. Usually when I get a stack of CDs in the mail to review I'm lucky to find something that I'll listen to more than however many times it takes me to come up with 200 words about the CD. It takes a lot for me to be impressed these days but on first listen of this CD by the UK band Free Diamonds I was thinking, "Damn, if these guys weren't already signed to Deep Elm, I'd consider taking out a second mortgage on my house and starting a label just to get this CD into the hands of the kids." And, if you know anything about the type of music I like, this doesn't fit comfortably alongside most of the CDs in my collection. But ... damn ... there is something about the vocals which remind me a lot of whoever sang lead for Sweet ("Ballroom Blitz").

Recommended for indie rock fans who like to dance.

MP3: "Blind Boys" (Free Diamonds)

Buy the album here.