Tuesday, January 02, 2007


About 2 years ago, when she was 2.5, Abbey had a bit of a split personality. She would comb her bangs down over her eyes, shake her head, and run after her older sister saying "My name in Jonjii" (pronounced Jon - gee). We all got a kick out of it and we'd egg her on until she's transform into this crazy beast that liked to chase people and jump on them. (I think I have a photo somewhere of Abbey in her "Jonjii" mode ... I'll have to find it).

We haven't seen Jonjii in a while, ever since we moved to the new house in June. The other morning Abbey woke up early and asked me to come downstairs and watch TV with her. As we flipped through the stations, when we hit the Cartoon Network, she asked me to stop so she could watch "Legend of the Dragon". Half asleep on the couch, I wasn't paying a lot of attention but something did jump out at me. I heard one of the characters address another one as "Xuan Chi" which sounded suspiciously like "Jonjii". Now, I'm sure that Abbey didn't watch this show 2 years ago, I think it was just a coincidence but, wow, what a coincidence it was. When the name was repeated, I asked Abbey, "Did you hear that? That sounds like Jonjii." Abbey gave me a very serious look and said "Don't talk about Jonjii anymore. I'm not Jonjii."