Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cleaning out the In-box

The Swizzle-Stick mailbox has been filling up with press releases from publicists. I went through the good and bad and found some music that might be worth sharing.

> nearLY“All is Lost” (streaming; not an MP3) - nearLY is the solo project from ex-Nine Inch Nails/Howlin' Maggie drummer Jerome Dillon. He's been working on a solo album for years and it's finally about to see the light of day. 12 Rounds vocalist Claudia Sarne contributes vocals throughout the release.

> Caspian“Further In” Massachusetts instrumental band that name drops a number of my favorite bands including Mogwai and Mono.

> Pinetop Seven“Fringe” Pitchfork gave the new Pinetop Seven album an 8.4 and says that the band should be placed alongside Iron & Wine and Calexico.

> Wilderness“Emergency" Some people have some pretty strong feelings about the vocals on the new Wilderness album

> Centro-Matic“Triggers and Trash Heaps” The guys in Two Cow Garage call Centro-Matic the greatest live band in America. I didn't get a chance to see them at SXSW last year (I tried but the club was too packed) so I can't confirm this but I'll try again this year.

> Damien JuradoWhite Center Not a brand new song (it was released last year) but Jurado is working on new material and is getting ready to go on tour so, hey, here's a song that maybe you haven't heard.