Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Full White Drag

I can't say the band name Girls Against Boys without following it up with "they are THE post-apocalypse house band." They sound retro-futuristic with sing-speak vocals by Scott McCloud (who, sayeth some, sounds like The Fall's Mark E. Smith). GvsB put out some really fucking great CDs, my favorite being House of GvsB, but have been inactive - at least as GvsB - since 2002. McCloud and Johnny Temple have done some side project work with New Wet Kojak which sounds like GvsB but not as futuristic.

So what the hell does this have to do with Full White Drag? Well, Scott McCloud of GvsB and NWK has produced material by the Canadian band and Full White Drag's singer Dave Mueller could front a GvsB cover band and nobody would have any idea that it wasn't McCloud singing.

Full White Drag is offering up a 5 songs from their 8-song Internet only EP (City of Roses, City of Smoke) for free on their website. Dig it.

MP3: Kill the Cool Rules
MP3: Renaissance
MP3: Red
MP3: Tonite
MP3: Slo Capo

Girls Against Boys
MP3: Click (from House of GvsB)
MP3: Kicking the Lights (from You Can't Fight What You Can't See)

New Wet Kojack
MP3: Sophia Loren (from No.4 EP)
MP3: Miramax (9-minute remix)