Monday, February 06, 2006

In My Ear - February 6

Gonna have to face it, I'm addicted to Podcasting!

I don't think I'm a great "radio" personality but since I love talking about music and playing new music for friends of mine, the idea of putting up a weekly Podcast is something I'm really jazzed about doing. I'm trying to do one every Sunday night and I'll post the link here on Monday.

MP3: "In My Ear" Podcast #2, February 6, 2006

Just a reminder, the songs played on these Podcasts are songs that I listened to a lot during the previous week, stuff that was "in my ear". Some weeks I go on a retro listening spree so you'll be subjected to bands like The Police, Led Zeppelin, Warrant. But, most weeks I'm listening to new stuff, stuff that I need to review for various outlets.

This episode features music by The Willowz, Pavement, The Kyle Sowashes, Jason Quicksall, Jessi Colter, and In Flames. I put In Flames last because I know many of you will hate it (it's metal .... HEAVY metal ... SPEED metal ... THRASH metal). The running time is 25 minutes.


stuart said...

Hey Chip, keep meaning to download and will do so right after posting this comment!

I've started off posting weekly mixes at (actually, I got the idea of using savefile from you). Check it out if you get time - I'd appreciate any feedback.

Anyway...time to download...hope all's good.

Lizzy said...

chip! get your ass over to CPMU and to todays post! Remember when we talked about that band Spouse? I posted a track on a mix today. Let me know if you want more by them, because they've got better!