Monday, February 20, 2006

In My Ear #4

Show notes: I've noticed on the past few podcasts that the volume on my commentary and song introductions was a little low so I held the microphone a little closer and talked louder. I think I may have held the mic a little too close as it sounds a bit muffled. I'll keep working on that to come up with a better solution.

MP3: In My Ear Podcast #4

Running time: 40:28

White Rose Movement - "Girls in the Back" from Kick (1)
Gyroscope - "Beware Wolf" from Are You Involved? (2)
07:45 We are Scientists - "Great Escape" from With Love and Squalor (3)
11:02 Taylor Hawkins and The Coattail Riders - "It's Ok Now" from Self-Titled
16:31 Jimbo Mathus Knockdown - "Let Me Be Your Rocker" from South (4)
20:01 Epicycle - "Crash" from Swirl (5)
26:46 Guajiro - "Simpatico" from Self-Titled (6)
31:28 Danko Jones - "Don't Fall in Love" from Sleep is the Enemy
35:46 Knut - "Wyriwis" from Terraformer

SXSW is an annual music festival held in Austin, Texas every March
(2) Damone is a Boston band featured on In My Ear Podcast #3
(3) Subterranean is an hourlong MTV2 show that shows "alternative" rock videos
(4) Used Kids is a used CD store that I've been going to near the OSU campus since 1989
(5) Kevin Tihista, formerly of Triple Fast Action, is a favorite singer/songwriter of mine from Chicago
(6) Wonka Vision is a magazine based out of Philly that I write for